20 March 2012

Marley’s Tire Chaser IPA, Guard Dog Porter, Kong Kolsch & Dog Runner Red


Its exciting to see some new labels coming from our pal Mark Braunwarth from Marley’s Brewery in Bloomsburg, PA….Tire Chaser IPA, Guard Dog Porter, Kong Kolsch & Dog Runner Red Irish-style Red Ale.

13 December 2011

Marley's Xmas Specials!

At Marley's from now until December 23rd on the purchase of a gift card of $50 or more you will receive 10% off.

15 March 2011

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Marley’s Brewery & Grille

Marley's Brewery and GrillCheers & Welcome to Marley’s Brewery & Grille..now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Nick & Mark...the beer loving community thanks you!

08 March 2011

Marley’s Brewery & Grille–Downtown Bloomsburg

Marley's Brewery and GrillIt’s one of those crazy beer news days….Late last night we broke news of Marley’s, but I wanted to follow up with some more info.  Here’s a quick photo of the bar area from Marley’s FB page

Looks like the bar will be opening on Thursday (2/10) .  This will be for dinner-only with the lunch menu beginning on Monday.  Very few other details to be found on this downtown Bloomsburg Brewery so stay tuned.  Word is they’ve brewed several batches already and they’re well on their way.

UPDATE:  I spoke with Nick Beaver (one of the owners @ Marley’s Brewery & Grille) and he tells me they will be opening tomorrow (2/10) at 4PM with 5 beers on tap and a full dinner menu.  They plan to run four (Kolsch, Irish Red, IPA, Porter) or these original 5 beers full time @ Marley’s and they have the capacity to tap up to 10 currently.  The fifth beer (Belgian Wit) is one of their first specialty beers.  Here are the beer names & descriptions:

Kong Kolsch-

This Kolsch-Style Ale, is light in both body and color.  Wheat and  Carapils

lend themselves to a light gold almost straw color, will both  Perle and

Tettnang hops provide a light hop bitterness and floral aroma. A good light

session beer, great all year round.

OG - 11.2  FG - 2.0  IBUs - 17  ABV - 5.0%

Dog Runner Red-

A medium bodied Irish Red Ale, this beer has a a well balanced sweetness from

crystal malts, with a slight hint of roast at the end of the beer.  Fuggle hops

lend themselves to a nice smooth bitterness and almost tea like aroma. An

excellent choice for people wanting more flavor, but not too much.

OG - 13.5  FG - 3.0 IBUs - 35  ABV - 5.6%

Guard Dog Porter-

This full bodied dark Ale, is filled with flavor from Chocolate Malt and Roasted

Barley.  Nugget hops provide nice bitterness and flavor, with Fuggle hops

providing a balanced earthy aroma.  Great beer for the dark beer lovers in all

of us.

OG - 14.5  FG - 4.0  IBUs - 30  ABV - 5.6%

Tire Chaser IPA-

A variation of a West Coast IPA, this India Pale Ale has a nice Copper color,

and a slight caramel flavor from Caravienne Malt.  Summit and Amarillo Hops,

provide a nice grapefruit and citrus flavor and aroma.  Sure to please the Hop

Heads out there.

OG - 13.5  FG - 2.4  IBUs - 62 - ABV - 6.0%

Wagging Tail Wit-

A Belgian Style Wheat Beer, this White Ale or Wit, is spiced with Whole

Coriander Seed, Bitter Orange Peel, and pounds of Mandarin Oranges.  Light in

color and body, this hazy beer has a wonderful fruity aroma from the spices and

yeast still left in the beer.  A perfect summer beer, but great year round as


OG - 12.5  FG - 2.8 IBUs - 15  ABV - 5.3%

Rope Tug Rye-

The Red Ale is brewed with 100 pounds of Briess Rye Malt, which give it a

crisp yet malty backbone.  We use Hallertauer and Amarillo hops to give the beer

a nice hop kick to the flavor and aroma.  A tribute to one our Brewmaster's

favorite beers.

OG - 15.0  FG - 2.6 - IBUs - 40  ABV - 6.7%

Droopy Ear Alt -

This Dusseldorf Style Alt, is medium bodied with brown ale from Germany.  It has

a nice malty back bone, with a lot of hop bitterness from both Hallertauer and

Tettnang hops.A good taste of what Germany has to offer.

OG - 13.5  FG - 3.0  IBUs - 45  ABV - 5.7%

28 February 2011

Currently on Tap @ Marley's

Stay Tuned!


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